Long live Creativity!


At the heart of the various art f0rms is creativity. We strongly believe that photography is an art form (e.g. see our blog post – “Photography as Art”), so creativity has an important role in our photography. Creativity helps to keep things fresh. Yes, our work has its own style, but it is also evolving continually. New ideas and new techniques can help boost creativity. This doesn’t necessarily mean following the latest trends or fashions, however. Art and creativity are very personal things, so our work exhibits its own form of creativity and we want to keep it that way. People come to us because they enjoy our style and they want something different from what other people are doing.

Our photography is creative in the way images are shot and also in how they are processed. Some of our pictures have often been mistaken for paintings! Your images are created using imagination and artistic flair. We want you to be proud of your images and view them not simply as records of your family or of places, but as works of art that you treasure. If you have any ideas you want to try in your portrait session please do chat them over with us! We are all too happy to work with you to create something special.

There is no need to worry about standing in front of a white screen in a white room and ending up with portrait pictures just like everyone else. We specialise in creating something different. Joe is a specialist in outdoor photography. He can help you find a great location for your portrait session and use his knowledge and experience of natural light mixed with flash to produce images that are created as works of art especially for you. Similarly, you will find slightly different takes on familiar locations in Joe’s Fine Art landscape work. You can even commission him to produce an image of your favourite place, with that artistic twist, of course!

Don’t settle for mass produced, go for artistic and creative images that stand out. Make a statement with your own piece of photographic art from Original Art Photography.

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