Craftsmanship – the skill of the professional photographer

Craftsmanship & Professional Photography

A master craftsman is someone who is dedicated to their trade. They are someone who works hard, develops their skills and produces consistently high standards with the appropriate equipment. This is the type of person we want when we employ a specialist service. We want someone who can be trusted to get the job done and to do it well. Yes, the tools can make a difference, but it also matters who is wielding them.

We live in a very visual age.  Mobile phone cameras and compact digital cameras are handy to share experiences and record memories in pictures. Yet, we are surely also aware of the limitations. Enlarging those images to put them on a wall as a large canvas for example could soon distort the picture and potentially the special memory. Photography is something that everyone can try and often achieve reasonable results, but there are times when we need to call in a professional. It is a bit like everyone being happy to change a fuse in a plug, but not everyone would be able to rewire their kitchen. Producing images under any conditions and to a very high standard is still something that requires a lot of dedication, learning and refining. A quick snap of a product on a phone isn’t going to be enough for a company’s advertising campaign. A few hastily grabbed images from friends is unlikely to give us the mementos we want from our weddings and big events. A quick gathering together with the camera on auto on a tripod isn’t going to give a fantastic family photo to be cherished for years. If you’re after high quality images for personal pleasure or business then you still can’t beat using a professional who knows their craft.

Do you want hassle-free images tailored to your requirements? Let a professional craftsman deal with it for you. When you have a special moment that won’t be repeated, make sure you get those great images to celebrate it. Professionals are here to tackle these trickier tasks and to produce great results for you. We work hard so that you can relax, knowing that the images are taken care of.

Joe sees himself not just as an artist – he works hard as a craftsman, dedicated to his trade. He is constantly practising and refining his skills. His work is also constantly being scrutinised to see that it is indeed of a high standard. He is recognised as an Associate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, specialising in outdoor portraits. He is also an Associate of the Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers, specialising in landscapes. He holds Licentiates with 2 other photographic bodies as well. Moreover, he regularly wins awards in competitions and has images accepted for exhibitions, not just in the UK but internationally as well.


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