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Photography Training Online & Video Courses

It can sometimes be difficult or too expensive to make it to workshops and training days in person. This is where photography training online and downloadable courses can be a great alternative. You can fit things in when it suits you. You can go back and review something if you didn’t quite get it first time. It can be done in your lunch break or you could watch a video on the train to work, for example – there’s no restrictions on where you can learn. Online training and downloadable courses can also be a lot cheaper than training in person. We provide a range of resources to help you learn at your own pace. Some are free, others you can purchase to use when you want. If you are looking for something particular and can’t find it then do let us know!

Lightroom Tutorials

Especially if you are new to image editing, Lightroom is a fantastic tool for getting quick results with minimal effort. It might not be as powerful as Photoshop, but it is easy to use and can enable you to make big improvements to your images without having to start doing anything complicated.

This set of videos takes you through the basics of editing your photos using Lightroom. It is a FREE set of training videos that will enable you to start improving your images right away.

Watch Lightoom Tutorials Online Now

Photoshop for Photographers

Our Photoshop courses are aimed specifically at teaching skills that are useful for photographers to improve their images.

Level One is for Beginners to Intermediate Photoshop users

Level Two is for Intermediate to Advanced Photoshop users

Food Photography Course – Key Skills

Learn how to create beautiful images of food for your blog or business. Simple, effective, low-cost lighting setups for making food look great. Find out more

Product Photography on a White Background

If you want to sell products online then you need to make sure your photos are up to scratch. Customers expect clean product photos on white backgrounds when visiting retail websites. It is often a requirement for 3rd party sellers wanting to use large platforms. So, do you need to spend a fortune having each of your products photographed?

In this short course we cover how to shoot a variety of small products on a white background and how to do some basic retouching to give a more professional finish. Find out more

Pricing for Profit

How much should you charge for your photography services? Is there a “right” price? How do you make sure that you won’t lose money on a job?

This video course takes you through the pitfalls of pricing and helps you to work out what you should charge. By planning carefully, you can know how to price for profit. Find out more

Introduction to Still Life Photography & Product Photography

Explore some of the basic techniques used to create still life and product images in the studio. Learn key retouching techniques to improve the final look of your photos. Discover how to control reflections and get the lighting you want. More

Full Access Membership

Access any of our online photography courses plus exclusive extras. For a small monthly fee of just £7.99 now only £4.99 per month you can delve into any of the courses listed above as well as any new courses added to the site. For the duration of your membership you will have full access to all of the resources. You can watch videos anywhere whenever it suits you on a compatible device by streaming from the members’ area.

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