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We believe in Quality

Do you value quality? Sometimes quality seems to get pushed to one side in favour of quicker, cheaper or easier results. Producing quality is not the easy route. It takes perseverance and continual monitoring of processes and products to ensure that quality is delivered at every stage. Here at Original Art Photography we value quality and believe it is something worth striving for. Our customers deserve the best quality customer service that we can give them. You deserve to enjoy a high quality experience when having your portrait sessions. Every print you receive should be something special, so we source quality products for all our print media.

Whenever any of us pay for an expert’s services, we want them to be able to advise us, make things easier and take away stress factors. In short, we want a quality experience, don’t we? If the focus is on price alone, we risk compromising on the level of service or the best products. We believe that high quality service and products come from those who pride themselves in doing their work to the best of their ability and who want customers to enjoy what they do.

When you come for a shoot with us, we will give you guidelines and tips to help you get the most out of your session. You aren’t going to look your best if you are stressed, so we work hard to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. We want you to have good memories of your shoot, as well as good images afterwards. Your viewing session is a relaxed, non-pressurised time to enjoy looking at your image gallery. We don’t believe in doing a hard sell – we don’t like people doing it to us so we won’t do it to you!

Any print you buy from us is done by a professional print laboratory, quite simply because then we know that you will get a great quality print. We have chosen particular papers that can really enhance your images, so we recommend Fine Art prints for those who want the very best quality paper prints. Anything that we sell we have bought samples of ourselves to test the quality. We only recommend them to you once we are happy with them ourselves. We go through the trial and error so that you don’t have to. Your products from us will be high quality.

In order to ensure that you keeping getting the best from us and indeed that things keep improving as well we are committed to lifelong learning, training and development. Joe is a full-time professional photographer, so he can dedicate his time fully to pursuing excellence for you. He regularly submits work for competitions, exhibitions, qualifications and peer assessment to keep sharpening his skills and ensuring that the quality of his work is consistently of a high standard.

Do you believe in quality? Welcome to Original Art Photography, where quality matters.

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