Date(s) - 09/08/2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Manse



Exploring Composition - Creativity & Convention - analysing images - example portrait with overlays

Composition is one of the most important skills for any artist. Photography is no exception. If you want to communicate a message or if you want to win awards from photographic bodies you need a strong grasp of composition. But, how much of it is just convention? Does thinking about composition leave you worrying about constraints instead of creativity? For photographers, the “rule of thirds” seems to have become the be all and end all, especially in many club competitions. However, there is much more to composing a good photo than putting your subject on a “third”. In fact, that is just one option amongst many. Is it time for you to discover how paying attention to how you compose an image can actually fuel your creativity instead of constraining it to a convention?

In this small group seminar we will tackle this subject in depth. Learn from the ancient Greeks, master painters, expert photographers and more as we delve into the multifaceted world of composition. You will learn methods for analysing images to discover how they “work” (or don’t!). This isn’t a list of rules to be memorised but a box of tools to help you shape and craft your work. Your images can become more deliberate, more creative and more effective. Nobody gets it “right” all the time. But, you can increase the number of images you are proud of by working hard at your skills.

If you are hoping to do better in competitions and gain accreditation for your work, this evening session will help you take big strides forwards. Bring an open mind and something to take notes on. Tea, coffee and cold drinks will be provided. If you are new to photography and have not really thought about how to compose an image before then I’d recommend reading my blog post introducing basic compositional techniques.



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