Date(s) - 14/03/2020
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Manse


Still Life Photography – Classical & Modern Styles

Still Life Photography - Glass and clock

For both painters and photographers still life is a genre that offers plenty of scope for experimentation. We will be looking at both classically influenced as well as more modern takes on still life photography on this training day. You will learn how to control light to get the look that you want. From hard light to soft light there are various options available for varying effects. You will have the chance to work with a range of modifiers to see how they can help your lighting. But, there’s no need to worry about needing lots of kit. There are many ways to create beautiful still life images using cheap equipment. I will show you ways that you can get started with next to no specialist gear. Obviously you will need a camera…. but the rest is more flexible!

Still Life Photography - Modern style tomato and peas

Still life photography uses techniques that can be applied to product photography, food photography and advertising shots as well as creating beautiful art. So you will be able to apply the skills learned in a variety of contexts. One of those key skills is understanding composition. This is a hugely important aspect of all photography not least still life. However, when there are fewer elements in the scene, how you arrange them can be even more significant. Subject placement, combinations of shapes, associated objects and the use of colour will not only help you become a better still life photographer but they will enrich other areas of your photography as well.

Still Life Photography - Modern style top down knife and tomatoStill Life Photography - Classical style scene with clock and drink

Still Life Scene by candelight











Tomato on blue and yellowThis training day is limited to just 3 participants to ensure the best possible learning experience for everyone. No experience in still life photography is needed. All lighting will be provided. Please bring your own tripod if you have one. You will need a camera that allows you to control all of the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings manually as well as having a hotshoe on top for a flash trigger. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your equipment or your skill level please do get in touch prior to booking. There will be a lunch break on the day for which you will need to bring your own food. Drinks are provided throughout the day.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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