Sharpen Teeth Using Liquify Filter in Photoshop

In this short video we look at how to sharpen teeth using liquify in Photoshop. Distorting facial features and creating sharp, pointed teeth can be an interesting way to add to a creative fantasy portrait. This use of the liquify filter is demonstrated on an image inspired by Wolverine shot with model Gavin Bromley. I wanted a gritty feel overall and also to enhance the teeth to make them look almost animal like. The liquify filter is a great tool to use for this and we also look at how applying it using a smart filter can make your life easier if you want to tweak your edit. You might find this a useful technique for halloween images – give Dracula pointed teeth without plastic dentures!

Sharpen teeth using Liquify - Wolverine close up

Images & video © Original Art Photography by Joe Lenton, 2019

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