Create Glowing Magical Objects in Photoshop

Learn how to create glowing magical objects in Photoshop using layer effects in this tutorial video. Give your fantasy images extra sparkle by adding a coloured glow effect suggesting magical powers. 

In this video tutorial I show you how I created the glowing effect on both the ring and the wizard’s staff in this fantasy portrait. I take you through how to change the colour of the ring to make it look more golden and then how to make it look like it is fizzling with magic energy. Then you will see how to form the blue glow around the staff that the wizard is holding.  Everything is explained step by step so that you will be able to apply this effect yourself to your own images. 

Photoshop has many options like the “outer glow” layer effect explored here that can be used for big impact with little effort. Sometimes it is just a case of knowing where to find them! So, if you want to create a glowing effect on an object like a magic ring or a light saber, this technique could be all you need.

Create Glowing Magical Objects in Photoshop - Wizard with glowing ring & glowing staff

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© Joe Lenton, January 2019

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