Split Toning an Image using Lightroom

Split Toning an image using Lightroom

Split Toning an image using Lightroom – Image processing tips

Lightroom contains a tab in the develop module called split toning. This enables you to add one or two colours to tone your image in the highlights and/or shadows. In this short video, we will look at how to use the split toning controls and the type of effect they can create. Although you would normally use it with a monochrome image you can create some interesting vintage effects by split toning a colour image. It is a very easy technique to try and thanks to Lightroom’s non-destructive workflow you don’t need to worry about potentially messing things up.

If you haven’t already given it a go then I’d encourage you to try this and see how you get on. Maybe start with a monochrome image as it is less complex and easier to see the effect of the toning.

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