Focussed Professional Photography Training

Focussed Professional Photography Training


Focussed Professional Photography Training – Be the next top professional photographer! Our Focussed Professional workshops will help you to hone your skills and run a successful business. We will work with you to help you improve your photography, image editing and business skills. As a Focussed Professional you will mix with other professional photographers, learning from each other as well as through expert input. Being self-employed can be a lonely road but now you can journey with others and grow in confidence and skill. 

We have already trained various successful photographers who are now running their own businesses. From landscape photographers to portrait and wedding photographers, we have helped sharpen skills and raise the bar. Mark Ewels was nominated for the EDP Wedding awards in the Wedding Photographer category. His creativity and lighting skills have grown and matured to create wonderful images for his clients. It has been our privilege to work with Mark on several training workshops. We have also seen students make the progression from beginner to selling their prints and photography services. Our goal is to develop great artists with a strong sense of business.

You want to earn a living from your photography. So, will you be a Focussed Professional? Or, will you muddle along and hope for the best? If you are interested in joining our Focussed Professional Photography Training please do contact us to find out more or pre-register via the form below. Various workshops will also be marked up as part of the programme so do also keep an eye on our photography workshops page.

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