Night Fashion Photography Workshop

Night Fashion Photography Workshop

Date(s) - 24/02/2016
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Norwich city centre


Night Fashion Photography Workshop in Norwich – Mastering Manual Controls

Night Fashion Workshop Molly

This Night Fashion Photography Workshop will explore using off-camera flash in manual mode. Unlike previous versions of this workshop, we will not be using TTL. Instead you will learn how to take full control of all your camera and flash settings. You will control white balance, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, light direction, modification and power. We will also look at how to use a light meter.

Our Night Fashion Photography Workshop is suitable for those are already familiar with the basics of portrait photography and want to try something more complex and challenging. It will suit you well if you are an aspiring professional photographer or an experienced hobbyist. Our night fashion photography workshop is a great opportunity to add some more unusual images to your portfolio. You won’t simply be taking images from lighting set-ups pre-arranged for you. Your tutor will help you to develop the skills to master light for yourself and to create your own masterpieces. We will look at ways of mixing ambient light with flash, including using flash gels and white balance controls for balancing light. Flash gels will also be used to add splashes of colour. We will be working with an experienced, high quality local model. Molly (see main featured image) has had her work published in the local press and other magazines. She can create strong poses for you and also take direction well. Molly’s make-up will be done by a professional local make-up artist (Charlie Long). Your tutor is international multiple award-winning professional Joe Lenton, who has an Associateship with the SWPP specialising in outdoor photography.

Our Night Fashion Photography Workshop is set in the centre of the beautiful city of Norwich. We strictly limit the size of the group to enable everyone to get plenty of time learning from the tutor and taking photos with the model. Please feel free to ask any photography related questions you have.

You will need to bring a camera that allows you to control it manually (e.g. a DSLR or mirrorless system camera). It is vital that you know how to set aperture, shutter speed and ISO. If you are unfamiliar with these controls then we suggest you attend a beginners workshop first. To make the most of the night fashion workshop we suggest that you use a fast portrait lens. Ideally, you will have a lens that goes to f/1.8 or f/1.4 at its maximum aperture. Although zooms can be handy, we suggest that the extra light-gathering capabilities of a fast prime would be better for this workshop. If you have a flashgun (speedlight) then please do bring that along, including any remote triggers that you may have for it. If it came with any colour-correcting gels then please make sure you bring them along too. Our triggers and flashes will operate on manual mode for Nikon, Canon and most other main manufacturers. If you have any queries about equipment, etc., please do get in touch.

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