Long exposure Hunstanton Groyne

Long Exposure seascapes – sunset photography workshop

Date(s) - 08/04/2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Hunstanton beach


Long Exposure seascapes – sunset photography workshop on the Norfolk Coast

Hunstanton sunset long exposureThe coast at Hunstanton in North Norfolk is a great place  to see the sunset and to work on your long exposure photography. It is one of just a few places in East Anglia where you can see the sunset out to sea. The beach is very varied as well. In the northern part around Old Hunstanton it almost looks like an alien planet with many boulders worn smooth by the sea. The cliffs are well known and they change colour as the late evening light hits them. Then, further south you have the newer part of the town. Here you find the distinctive zig-zag wooden breakers that you can see in the image here. They make good focal points for trying long exposures, blurring the water to give a sense of movement.

In this long exposure seascapes workshop we will look at using ND filters to help create longer exposures. We will also consider how to set the camera controls for the best results. You will learn how to blur water and to control the degree of blur from slight softness to milky mist. Towards the end of the workshop, we will (hopefully!) experience the sunset out to sea.

If you love landscape photography then this is the workshop for you. There are a few basic things that you will need including a tripod to keep your camera steady for those long exposures. It will help if you have a cable release or remote shutter release, but you can also use your camera’s timer. If you are using a DSLR you will need the eyepiece cover to stop stray light finding its way in during long exposure shots. Please bring any filters you might have, including ND filters, polariser and ND graduated filters. If you don’t have any then we can let you borrow some. Please let us know beforehand what thread size your lens takes so we can have an appropriate adapter ready.

Long exposure seascapes -Hunstanton Groyne

We would strongly recommend that you make sure you know how to change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO on your camera. If you are unsure if your camera is suitable please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you. Wide angle lenses tend to give the best results for this type of images. You can, of course, try other lenses as well. There are plenty of car parks in Hunstanton, but please make sure you have some change as they are Pay & Display. Your tutor will be Joe Lenton. Joe holds an Associateship with the SINWP specialising in sunrise & sunset photography.


This event is fully booked.

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