Date(s) - 31/05/2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Manse


Mindfulness through Photography – Seeing Differently

Mindfulness through Photography - intentional camera movement

Particularly for those suffering from stress and anxiety caused by busy lives, mindfulness can be very helpful for maintaining good mental health. It is also something that most people can find a way of using. It isn’t limited to just one discipline, but can be extended to all parts of life. In this workshop we will be looking at mindfulness through photography. The aim will be to explore our subject in new ways with our cameras, trying to see things differently. It is a time to stop and look closely. We will have fun being creative and taking a range of different photographs whilst exploring a private garden. You will have time to be quiet and enjoy mindful photography on your own as well as spend time considering ideas together in a group.

Mindfulness through photography - deliberately out of focus photography

This is not a therapy session. We will not be exploring mental health issues or delving into one another’s problems, nor will there be any counselling on offer. It is simply a chance to learn to relax and let go, be present in the moment with your camera and enjoy nature. You don’t need to be a great photographer. Photographic ability doesn’t matter. Ideally you will have a camera that will allow you to focus manually (but this is not a requirement).

Mindfulness through Photography - double exposure

We will be exploring photography skills that enable you to create abstract images as well as more conventional photos. The emphasis is on the activity of engaging with our subjects rather than worrying about getting a “good” final image. Images on this page are indicative of some of the techniques we will look at.

Mindfulness through Photography - grass in sunlight

If you would like to take a couple of hours for yourself to explore your creativity with your camera and to look more closely at flowers and nature then please do join us. If you have any questions prior to booking (e.g. about your camera or other issues) then please do contact us. If you would like to know more about mindfulness then you might like to look at the NHS guide.



Bookings are closed for this event.

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