Free Lightroom Webinar - Hunstanton Sunset Square

Learn to use Lightroom – edit & organise your photos

Date(s) - 31/03/2017
7:15 pm - 9:30 pm

The Manse


Learn to use Lightroom – edit & organise your photos

Free Lightroom Webinar - Hunstanton Sunset Square

There are various types of software available to photographers to use to both organise and edit their photos. I believe that one of the best to get started with is Lightroom. In this workshop you will learn to use Lightroom to help enhance your photos. We will look at the various ways it can be used to help you label and find photos as well as the powerful editing tools. You will quickly find that it is easy to use and can produce really good results with very little effort.

Learn to Use Lightroom - landscape after editing

You will need to bring a laptop with Lightroom loaded onto it (preferably the latest version). If you don’t already own it, one fairly economical way to buy it if you are planning on getting more into photo editing is the photography subscription package from Adobe. This has the benefit of keeping your software constantly up to date and avoids big up front fees. However, if you’d rather not pay a subscription then you can still buy Lightroom as stand-alone software. This is designed as a practical session for you to practise along. If you prefer just to listen then you are also welcome.

If you are totally new to using Lightroom then you might find it useful to watch our free series of videos to help you get started with Lightroom. We will revise aspects covered there as well as exploring further features and editing techniques. For example, did you know that you can map out where you have taken your photos? Did you realise that you can layer up graduated and radial filters to give more nuanced effects? Once you have established a workflow you will learn how you can speed up your editing by creating presets.

Make 2017 the year you learn to use Lightroom and improve your photo editing – sign up below!


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