Grace with crystal ball gelled flash and texture layers

Fashion Photography Using Textures & Gels

Date(s) - 14/10/2017
9:30 am - 3:00 pm

The Manse


Fashion Photography Using Textures & Gels

Grace with crystal ball gelled flash and texture layers

In this brand new workshop we will be exploring fashion photography using textures & gels. Both gels & textures can bring an extra dimension to a portrait. They are ideal tools to have if you want to have a creative, artistic approach to your photography. Give yourself even more artistic inspiration and freedom by learning how to shoot with gelled lights and how to process images in Photoshop using textures. Develop your own unique artistic style and stand out from the crowd.

Fashion Photography using textures & gels-2

The day will be divided into 2 parts. In the morning you will experiment with various ways of using gels to add colour to your studio portraits. We will use a variety of lighting setups to create striking and dramatic effects. You will be able to try out a range of lighting modifiers including strip boxes, grids, beauty dish, snoot. We will be working with a high quality model.

The second part of the day will look at gathering texture layers to use in composites. Then we will explore how to use them in Photoshop when retouching your portraits. This will involve looking at various blend modes, masking, colouring and other key editing techniques. You will discover how you can turn a simple plain studio background into a unique grungy look. To get the most out of this tutorial please bring a laptop with Photoshop on it if you can.

Fashion Photography using textures & gels-1

You will need to bring a camera that allows you full manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. It should also have a hotshoe on top to attach the flash trigger to. We have triggers that will work with most standard cameras such as Canon and Nikon. You will find it easier to gather textures using a macro lens, but you can work round this if you don’t have one. A focal length of about 50-100mm will be good for your studio portrait shots.

The images on this page feature Grace Appleby, who will be modelling for our fashion photography using textures & gels workshop. They show examples of studio shots that incorporate textures into the retouching process. Some images from this shoot with Grace were selected for publication by Creative Portrait Magazine.

Fashion Photography using textures & gels-3

Ideally you will have some experience of basic studio lighting before attending this session (otherwise it will be a very steep learning curve). You should also have a programme such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or another piece of software that enables you to edit photos using layers and masks. Please bring your own lunch. Drinks will be provided (tea, coffee, cold drink).

Places are very limited – book soon to avoid missing out!


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