Title Image - From Kodak to iPhonography _ The Evolution of Photography into Social Media

The Evolution of Photography into Social Media

Guest Post – The Evolution of Photography into Social Media

By Antonio Leanza


Photography is one of the most versatile mediums that has seen a very progressive change throughout history – more so than ever with our digitally enhanced sharing culture. It’s an art that we believe we owe to truly understanding its origins, progression and using this knowledge to educate others on how it has changed over the centuries.

You may have heard of the popular Dagguerotype filter used on Instagram by many users on this popular app. It also happens to be one of the earliest inventions of the permanent photograph that has pioneered the way for technological advances in the photographic medium. But what intrigued us was just how popular the ‘iphonography’ movement has become over the years – which have consequently led to the steady decline in global digital camera sales since the year 2010.

The need for quick snaps of your product, self or whatever it is that you’re trying to communicate to your audience has risen exponentially – so much so that a staggering 90% of mobile users have only ever taken a photo using their mobile camera! It’s incredibly interesting to see the statistics on image-sharing through various social media too – and with new features being added to apps like instagram such as their ‘stories’ feature  – it’s only natural that users are needing the best camera phones to be able to record their stories on the go at the highest quality possible.

Read on with our infographic to find out more on how photography has progressed through time, and how social media and mobile photography has had a huge impact on the way we view photography today. We hope it proves useful in helping you gain additional insight into how you can utilise social media to help you become the next new sensation!

From Kodak to iPhonography _ The Evolution of Photography into Social Media

Guest Author Bio:

Antonio Leanza is the owner of the London School of Photography is highly passionate about teaching and with extensive experience in a variety of creative processes in the photographic arts. The team at LSP believe in helping students achieve their full potential as creative individuals to realise their aspirations in the photographic world.


(Views are the guest author’s & don’t necessarily represent those of Original Art Photography)

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