How Social Media Is Changing Photography 1

How Social Media is Changing Photography, And Why It Is A Great Change

How Social Media is Changing Photography, And Why It Is A Great Change

Guest Post by Ray Sherlock of Engage Hub

How Social Media Is Changing Photography 1

There are a number of social media platforms that are about these days. Our lives have begun to revolve around social media, which is not a bad thing. But, one of the best parts of having social media as a main part of our lives is the sharing of pictures, photos, snaps etc. There are a huge number of pictures which have been edited and uploaded by many photographers and regular users. Just think about the number of images that have been uploaded to social media since its creation.

With smartphones now becoming more and more powerful, it is easy to see how the whole world is taking pictures of every experience they have. Pictures are great to help keep memories and social media allows for us to share those experiences with friends.

So, what does all this mean for Photography? Some people may think that it is destroying the whole form of photography, that is doesn’t do any justice to professional photographers who have spent years learning the best ways to take the best photograph. But, I would say that social media is helping photographers rather than hurting the profession. If you take into account Instagram, it is a larger used platform with millions of users. It is effectively becoming a free exhibition of your photography and if done correctly, it can be virtually free to promote your photography.

With many people arguing that photography is an art form and the minimal number of images that used to around, made it more significant due to the scarcity factor. Of course, the more we have of something it can become less appreciated. But, just like many things in the world, photography is changing with the times just like everything before it. Media has changed dramatically over time such as Newspapers, radio and even TV.  The culture we are currently living in is every changing and we should all embrace the change as it happens, instead of resisting it to stick with our original ways.

How Social Media Is Changing Photography 2

Not all Photography is improving with the technology advancements, as I wouldn’t consider the photographs my friends post onto Instagram as True Photography. There is so much that goes into making the perfect photograph. With true photographers taking the time to produce an image that has all the correct lighting, shutter speed, exposure, rule of thirds and so forth. Melody Weister who is from Digital Pivot states “We are losing appreciation for photographers in favour of a snap from people using their iPhone”. I strongly disagree with this.

We all know the difference between a stunning piece of photography and a Starbucks cup which just simply has an Instagram filter placed on it. We are able to distinguish between what we find aesthetically pleasing and what isn’t, this is down to certain visual stimulus which please us.

Not only are we able to determine what is a great piece of photography, but those photographers who consider themselves to be professionals can easily storm ahead of the less knowledgeable amateurs who are sharing their images online. If you think about it properly, a huge number of people are attracted to beautiful photography. Is it any wonder why many businesses spend millions on photography for their advertisements every year? If a photographer wants to gain more traction or business then they definitely need to be displaying their high quality images on social platforms. With these photos easily being able to surpass low quality images posted by amateur people using their iPhone camera.

Understanding that the changes that are currently happening within the photography industry can be daunting, but it is definitely a great thing! Change can be uncomfortable and many people want to hold on to tradition. But, whether or not you approve of social media, it will continue to change photography. With this being the way it is. So, there are two options here. You can either, sit back and continue to reminisce about the traditional methods, saying how social media is destroying the photography art form. Or, you can dive right into the new opportunities that come along with social media and create new, original things building a great social following!


Ray SherlockRay Sherlock is the owner of Engage Hub, a Social Media Agency in Manchester, UK. We are a social media and influencer agency who have a passion for video, engaging content and disruptive campaigns.


(Views are the guest author’s & don’t necessarily represent those of Original Art Photography)

What do you think about how social media is changing photography? Is it a good thing? Do leave a comment!

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