Whitby Yorkshire – Places to Photograph

Whitby Yorkshire – Places to Photograph

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Although I have not spent much time in Whitby, Yorkshire, I happily recommend it as a good location for landscape photography. There are many options open to the photographer and a variety of angles to explore. The high hills either side of the bay provide great panoramic views. You can look down on the harbour (as above) or across to Whitby Abbey.

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As well as the views over the bay, there is plenty to see once you are down at sea level. The harbour walls make good subjects, along with the various structures built on them. For long exposures in particular, piers, walls and so on make a good focal point. The lines of benches and railings can make useful leading lines in your compositions. The lighthouses gives a strong vertical dimension and make good focal points.

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From behind the railings you can photograph across the water quite easily and safely provided the sea isn’t too rough. A long exposure may even give you some reflections too.

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If you don’t get colourful skies you can find plenty of inspiration for black and white photography. The stone structures around the harbour work well for this. Monochrome enables you to bring out an even grittier feel if you wish with more contrast and micro contrast. The architecture suits quite minimalist compositions with its strong lines and shapes.

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As with many towns and cities, Whitby can offer interesting opportunities at night. If the tide allows, you might like to go down to the edge of the bay on the south side and photograph the lights sparkling on the water. Or, look back at the buildings behind you up the ramp for an interesting angle and lighting.

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There are plenty of places to eat in Whitby. Fish and chips is of course a popular choice. The Magpie Café is well known and has a great location in the harbour. It can, however, get very busy so watch out for the queues!

This video illustrates a few other photographic possibilities in and around Whitby:

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