Clean & Clear Glass in Photoshop

Clean & Clear Glass in Photoshop

Clean & Clear Glass in Photoshop - Strawberry Dessert

In this video we look at how to clean & clear glass in Photoshop. Even glasses that are quite new can show up imperfections when they are photographed under studio lights. Old glasses and ones that have been through the dishwasher often get marked and take on a milky appearance. To make photos of glassware look more appealing, it is important to retouch them well. Using a simple combination of blur and contrast enhancement we are able to reduce that milky look and create a glass that appears new, clean & clear.

As you can see, retouching glass can be quite quick and very effective. If you are likely to be displaying the image very large then it is clearly worth taking the time to polish your retouching carefully. If you are new to Photoshop are would like to learn how to retouch your own photos you might be interested in our Photoshop for Photographers Course.

This image was created as part of a food photography job with Goldleaf Catering in Norfolk. Chef Matt created the dish. It was shot using speedlights on location. If you would like to see the full set of retouched final images from this shoot please visit

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