Editing Sunset Seascape Photos Using Lightroom

Editing Sunset Seascape Photos Using Lightroom

Sometimes students on our workshops ask how I go about editing my photos. Normally on our courses I show techniques that can be applied to their own images and in their own way. In this video below I show an edit of one of my own images in my own style. Here are the before and after images:

editing-sunset-seascape-photos-using-lightroom-before-editing-cromer-pier editing-sunset-seascape-photos-using-lightroom-cromer-pier

The first image is a jpg taken from the RAW file without any processing done by me. The second image is the final image after editing in Lightroom. As you can see, there is quite a difference! The way I use the techniques and the extent to which I edit my photos is of course my personal preference. I encourage you to find your own style and process your images how you like them. Some people may think I over-process but others might want to go further. There are no “right” answers – this is art we are creating after all.

I hope you will enjoy watching this video about editing sunset seascape photos in Lightroom. Most importantly, I hope it will give you the confidence to experiment more with your own editing!

© Joe Lenton, November 2016

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