Website Terms & Conditions

Website Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Original Art Photography. When using our website there are a few things to bear in mind:

All content including all images and text are protected under copyright – all rights are reserved. If you wish to use any of our content please contact us to negotiate terms. Legal action seeking compensation will be taken in the event of unlicensed use.

You must not divulge your login details to others or allow others to use your account. Members only have the right to access member pages and resources whilst they have a current paid membership in place. Paid for products and bundles in digital form are licensed to the user only and are not to be shared with other users or more widely. Our resources and blog posts may not be used as teaching aids without negotiating terms with us in advance.

You are welcome to link to our website pages. However, please note that links to our site or from our site do not imply that we endorse views, products, etc. If you wish for us to endorse you please contact us and let us know what you are offering. Photographs of people, places or products on this site likewise do not imply endorsement. 

Products must be paid for in full before dispatch or access is granted. Prints will be sent as soon as possible after your order and payment has been received. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery due to printing times, etc. You should inform us immediately on arrival of any damage to prints. You will need to provide us with photographs of the damage before we can consider replacing your product. If you do not contact us within 48 hours of receipt then the product will be taken to have arrived with you in good condition.

When booking photography tuition on workshops, photography courses or 1-2-1 tuition you must accept our terms and conditions of booking. This applies whether you are purchasing for yourself or another party. When buying workshops and other items as gifts please ensure before purchase that these are suitable and that the recipient will be able to meet any requirements needed (e.g. kit or skill level for workshops). It is our policy not to offer refunds for workshops, courses, 1-2-1 sessions including those bought as gift vouchers. At our discretion we may offer you an alternative product – any discrepancy in price would need to be made good by the customer.

This website uses cookies for certain functions. In order to access all functionality of this website you need to accept cookies. Please see our cookies policy for more information.

You are welcome to leave comments on pages where this function is enabled. We reserve the right to reject comments that are acting as spam. Comments containing profanity, racially or gender prejudiced language or otherwise deemed to be offensive will be deleted and the person posting may be blocked from commenting in future. You may not use our comments function to advertise products without our consent.

We endeavour to keep this website available to use and free of error and malicious content. However, it may be possible that circumstances outside our control lead to the website being down. Likewise, it is also possible that malicious content may be posted. In such an instance please contact us to let us know so that we can deal with it. Also, please note that it is your responsibility to ensure adequate protection for your computer or other device accessing the website from any malicious content. Where possible we serve up content via a secure SSL https connection to increase protection for our users. We take protection of our customers’ data very seriously and to that end we use traffic guarding services to help block malicious attacks, SSL encryption and other security features to help keep your information safe. If you wish us to remove any information we hold about you from our server please contact us

Any disputes or incidences arising will be processed in England under English law.

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