Lightroom Tutorial Videos

This series of free videos will get you started with the basic functions of Lightroom. You will learn how to import images, tag them and then edit your photos using various tools. Lightroom is powerful software and is often all that photographers need to process their images. You can achieve most types of editing without needing to go into Photoshop.

If there is no audio when you start playing a video, please check to see if the speaker icon on the bottom left of the video window (next to the play/pause button) has an “x” next to it. If it does you need to click on it. You can then adjust the volume level.

Getting started in Lightroom

The first thing you need to do is create a Catalogue. This is where Lightroom stores information about your images. In Lightroom under the file men select “new catalog”. Select the location and the name you want to give your catalogue. You can create more than one catalogue, but it is often best to stick to one as it will then contain all of your images and make searching easier.

Once you have a catalogue you will be able to start bringing your images into Lightroom and editing them. In this video I show you how to take images from a memory card and add them to Lightroom. We also look at various ways of tagging images to make them easier to find and explore the various ways of filtering images.

Once you have some images in Lightroom you can then go on to edit them in the “Develop” module.

Lightroom picture editing tutorials

These video Lightroom tutorials will help you get to grips with using Adobe Lightroom to process your images. We will look at big adjustments to the whole image and localised adjustments using more refined tools. Cropping is also explained and we show you how to use the healing tools and clone tools. There is also a video showing you how to get more effective black and white conversions as well as playing around with the colour groups in your images.

You do not need to save anything when working on images in Lightroom. It will automatically update its catalogue for you. Also, it will not change the original files at all. The edits that you apply are kept separately in the catalogue. What you see in Lightroom is what would happen if those edits would be combined with the image file. This only actually happens when you choose to export an image. So, you can edit away without worrying if you go wrong. You can always undo things and your changes made in the develop module will not alter the original files.

Lightroom tutorial video 1 – using the Basic Panel

Lightroom tutorial video 2 – making localised adjustments using the gradient filter, radial filter and adjustment brush


Lightroom tutorial video 3 – using the Crop Tool


Lightroom tutorial video 4 – spot healing and cloning

Part 1


Part 2

Lightroom tutorial video 5 – adjusting colours and mixing for black & white



Lightroom tutorial video 6 – the Effects tab – adding vignetting and grain


Lightroom tutorial video 7 – Lens Corrections, Sharpening and Noise Reduction


Exporting your finished images

In these final videos we look at how you can create files from your edits performed in Lightroom.

Part 1

Part 2



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