Home Studio Portraits

Home Studio Portraits

Our professional studio lighting can come to you. Experience professional portrait photography in your own home studio! We have a range of backdrops to choose from, with more traditional plain black or white and contemporary urban backdrops. The gallery below shows sample shots with the various backgrounds.

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Some young people find they relate more to our urban backgrounds and they can have their own individual portrait taken with one of these whilst other family members may choose a more traditional backdrop. You may also wish to use your garden or living room as a setting for your images. Our lighting system is fully portable so can be taken to whatever location you desire (space and weather permitting!).

Home studio portraits suit those who prefer being in familiar surroundings for their portrait session or wish to retain a higher degree of privacy. We can bring our home studio portrait sessions anywhere in Norfolk, subject to there being sufficient room for the people being photographed and the equipment, which we establish through your initial consultation. We find that our customers are able to be more relaxed having their portraits taken in their own home rather than going to a photography studio. For that extra special experience, we can also arrange for a professional make-up artist and hair stylist to ensure that you look your best.

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