Studio Photography Training – Learn Studio Portrait Lighting

Date(s) - 07/07/2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Manse


Studio Photography Training – Learn Studio Portrait Lighting


Studio portrait lighting can seem confusing at first. Why all the different modifiers? What is the difference between flash and continuous lighting? How do you balance more than one light? How many lights do you need? If you are finding it hard to know what to do with studio lights then this studio photography training session is ideal for you. You will learn how to control light to get the effect that you want. You will discover what might be useful to buy and what you can do without.

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Learn the difference between hard and soft light and how you can create each to get the desired effect. Enjoy plenty of shooting time to experiment and learn. This studio photography training workshop is strictly limited to just a handful of participants to give everyone a rapid learning environment and great value for money. Your tutor is an experienced photography educator and a full-time professional photographer who has won numerous awards and had images published and exhibited internationally.

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You will not need any previous experience taking portraits. We will be working with a model to make sure you can get some good images. You will need a camera that allows you to control shutter speed, ISO and aperture manually and that has a standard hotshoe the top for the flash trigger (e.g. a DSLR or mirrorless system camera). Lights & triggers will be provided. If you are in any doubt about your equipment, please do get in touch with us to check prior to booking.

Studio Photography Training - Learn Studio Portrait Lighting - Sample with Cheryl

If you want to be a good photographer of any kind it makes a big difference if you can understand how to manipulate light. Even if you don’t work in a studio, being able to control flash lighting is a key skill if you want to produce stunning location photography. We will be looking at several different lighting setups and the moods that they convey. We will also look at the use of modifiers and what difference they make to the light. You will learn to create setups that suit male or female portrait photography.


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