Date(s) - 16/02/2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Manse


Fashion Photography Using Gelled Lighting


Fashion Photography Using Gelled Lighting - Julia Bell - Sample Image

Colour is a powerful way to bring emotion and dynamism to an image. Adding colour to your studio fashion photography can be easily done using clothing & backgrounds. But, let’s not forget that we can change the colour of the light too! Gelled lighting is simply light that has had its colour changed using a filter. The effects that you can create are much easier done in camera than later in Photoshop. It can be a great way of setting the mood and of making your photos more interesting.

Fashion Photography Using gels - Julia Bell - pink & blue

Fashion Photography Using Gelled Lighting - Julia Bell - hair movement


If you want true freedom for your creativity then you need a good set of tools in at your disposal. Get a strong understanding of light and how to modify it and you will be able to create an enormous range of images. In this session we will be using a variety of modifiers and looking at ways of introducing colour using gels.

Join us for our workshop in fashion photography using gelled lighting with model Julia Bell (pictured on this page). Julia is an excellent model and she is a Beauties of 5 Continents Global Ambassador. Your tutor is Joe Lenton ASWPP, ASINWP, ASICIP, ADPS. Joe has won over 50 international awards for his photography and has trained many professional photographers in aspects of photography & image processing.

It is a one day training session with a maximum of just 3 participants to ensure you get the most out of your day. You will need to have some experience of basic studio lighting before attending but you don’t need to have used gels or a full range of modifiers. Lighting, gels & modifiers will all be supplied. Just bring your camera and suitable lens(es). Make sure that your camera can take a standard hotshoe flash trigger. You will need to know how to set aperture, shutter speed and ISO manually. Lunch is not provided. Tea & coffee will be provided.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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