Dramatic Outdoor Portraits

Portrait images can also be works of art. Just because it is a picture of people doesn’t mean it needs to be simply a snapshot. Yes, we want to capture something of a moment, something of the personality of our loved ones. The good news is that your portraits can also be images you can display with pride and enjoy for many years! For your next portrait, why not step up from the ordinary and go for the extraordinary?!

Our outdoor dramatic landscape portraits suit people who want something special, an exquisite piece of art that also shows off themselves or their loved ones at their best. These are not run of the mill portraits – every step of the way they are carefully crafted to produce something with the “wow!” factor. They work well for individuals or couples and can even be arranged for family shoots.

First, we select a location for your dramatic landscape portrait session. This might be somewhere with great memories for you or simply somewhere beautiful. Then we will check tides (where appropriate) and angles of sunlight to find the optimum time for the shoot. For a truly dramatic landscape, we recommend sunset or sunrise for great lighting conditions.

You will also receive guidance on how to get the most out of your session, including what sort of clothing will work well. To treat yourself and ensure that you look great, we recommend using our make-up artist and hair stylist. They will work with you to produce a look that we’re sure you’ll love.

Your images will be edited to the highest standards to further enhance the scene, creating dramatic images with real impact. These will be shown to you at a viewing or on a web gallery. To make the most of your image, we offer a variety of printing media from the more traditional framed Fine Art print to more contemporary acrylic or aluminium mounted prints and canvases.

There are so many locations to choose from around Norfolk and even further afield by special arrangement – the coast, the broads, woodlands, fields, near landmarks or out in the wild. Enjoy portraits that are also works of art, combining something of the beauty of the Norfolk landscape with you, your partner, family or friends. If you’re someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and make your own statement, then our dramatic landscape portraits could well be for you!

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