Avant Garde Fashion Photography

Avant Garde Fashion Photography

I love being involved in avant garde fashion photography projects. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with some fantastic creatives. It is a real pleasure photographing stunning makeup designs, hairstyles, headpieces and clothing. This page contains a small selection of images that have come about through collaborations with models, makeup artists, hair stylists and others. If you have a similar project or a possible idea you would like to develop please do get in touch.

This woodland nymph themed shoot featured Charlie Long as makeup artist and model with headpieces and accessories by Angie Barnes. It was shot amongst the bluebells on location in Norfolk. Images from the shoot went on to feature in magazines in the UK and USA with one being chosen as the cover image and also being selected for an international photography salon:

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-7

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-8

These next two images are from an avant garde fashion photography project with model Molly Robbo and makeup artist and concept designer Helen Todd. It was designed to bring together elements of life on the seafront at Great Yarmouth beach. The headpiece represents an ice cream sundae and it certainly drew attention during the shoot! Images from this shoot were featured in articles in several regional newspapers.

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-6

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-5

The next two images used headpieces by Angie Barnes and feature model Bernadette Lemon. These images were produced to advertise various photography workshops:

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-10

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-9

This image entitled “The Violinist” is from an avant garde photography shoot with stylist & makeup artist Jess Tuohy and model Tori Lovatt-White:

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-4

I was asked to photograph an assessed project by Claire Kingsmill with model Gabi Ryan:

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-3

These images are from a collaborative project with makeup artist Amy Wilks, headpiece designer and hair stylist Angie Barnes and model Phoenix Storm:

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-2

Avant Garde Fashion Photography-1

All images © Joe Lenton – all rights reserved

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